Sufjan Stevens Renames Kitchen Appliances


Perishables! Come Congregate in the Cold!

Little Hot Waves, Or, Let’s Get Brain Cancer While We Wait For The Popcorn

Mix Your Drinks! (Stir! Whip! Purée!)

A Configuration of Whisks Which, When Activated, Allow Sufjan Stevens to Cook a Fluffier Omelette

Toaster (For the Toastless)

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My gals Jenn and Renee tagged me to list the 15 things that make me happy, so here goes:

  1. The feeling of the wind rushing in off the Southern Ocean and onto my face as I walk over the crest to the beach in Port Fairy.
  2. Cleaning the house while the windows are open and the sunlight is streaming in
  3. Going to the airport
  4. Climbing into bed and knowing that I don’t have an alarm set for the morning
  5. Excited puppies
  6. Cooking meat in a cast iron pot for hours and hours
  7. Napping in the perfect silence and sunshine on the porch in Lakes Entrance
  8. Fathead tails grilled over a tea tree fire
  9. Eating spätzle and döner and currywurst and Spaghetti-Eis (independently of one another, of course)
  10. When my Dad dances
  11. My Mama’s brain and her grace
  12. The part of the dinner party when everyone’s finished eating but the plates are left on the table and you’re on your third glass of red wine and the conversation is easy 
  13. Christmas in our little house
  14. The open road, Graceland and no passengers
  15. Jelly legs after a gym class

I tag shawskankredeption, twodollars, stvitussdance, trelface, ellieck, and i can’t think of anyone else because my brain is fried but pls do it because it’s fun and interesting!